Epic MegaCorp creates and distributes the most entertaining, useful and emotional videos across the social web to its global audience.

Online media needs short, sweet and sexy, entertaining and helpful videos. Our channels range from extreme sports to life hacks and music and have a loyal, quickly growing fan base.

Rafael Vieira

Rafael Vieira

COO, Executive Producer

Rafael Vieira is a hard-working creative thinker who has excelled in fast-paced environments for the past 25 years, straight outta Kindergarden. Goal-oriented and self-motivated, he has a proven track record of kicking the assses of underperforming YouTube channels.

Tobias Ratschiller

Tobias Ratschiller

President, Producer

Known as the original inventor of fungibly fabricate error-free “outside the box” thinking, this board-level executive generates structural branding strategies for YouTube channels on the fly.

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